Laci + Revv + The Rage

Twenty six years old. No college degree.... Yep. That's me.

I've always been an entrepreneur at heart, even as a young girl. I was the fourth grader picking blueberries from our family owned blueberry farm, and bragging that I made $400 in a summer's time. There's just something about business that I can't get enough of. There's also something about the fact that 'I did it myself' that I can't get enough of. The Rage and Revv are proof of that.

As you all know, I started The Rage,, in April of 2010. I am so blessed to call that company mine--living proof that what you truly want can come true, as long as you're willing to work for it. The Rage's continued growth encouraged me to not just stop there, though. I challenged myself to make my company better each and every day by asking myself what I could do differently to make myself (and my company) stand apart. After a short trip to Nashville, one of my answers was clear--and that was to start another division of my company that catered to an edgier kind of girl. I had no idea that a single trip to Music City would spark such a creative side inside of me. Once I realized I could offer the public something different than what I was currently designing and selling, I was hooked. Nashville had a different vibe. A different style for women, something I wasn't familiar with coming from Arkansas. I loved the raw-ness and toned down looks that still looked so polished and chic. Not only was I captured by the style and energy of Nashvillians, but the support and encouragement from other local business owners is astounding. Many entrepreneurs here are like-minded in spirit. It's important for me to surround myself with like-minded positive individuals. I knew this new journey would be the next chapter of my story, which has been such a life-changing experience already...and I'm only five months in!

Revv has officially been my project since March. I spent many weeks waiting on city permits, visiting with the architects, meeting on site, and making a million decisions. Let me tell you, for a minute there I was mentally exhausted. But as everything does, it all came together in early August and I was able to officially open the doors on August 5th. Since then, Revv has received much support from the locals and tourists. And with the debut now of Revv's website, I can't wait to see where this chapter takes me next. The sky's the limit, right? 

People often ask me for advice after learning my story, and I always say 'I encourage you to set deadlines.' You're probably thinking...really? A deadline is all you've got? Yes. The answer is yes. Write this next sentence down and tape it to your refrigerator and read it every day. A goal without a deadline is only a dream. >> Truth << If you don't set a deadline for each goal, it isn't a goal at all. It's only a dream. If you really want it, make it happen. 


PS...To all of my followers who have sent me personal messages and letters continuing to inspire me because I inspire you....THANK YOU! If it weren't for your support, my job wouldn't be possible!