September 16, 2015


Head To Your Toes

If there's anything better than hearing "New Arrivals," well... there isn't. So we're glad to deliver the best news you've heard all day! *KNUCKLES* Something about a classic button down blouse mixed with some fur and zippered combats >> H O L Y guacamole. Don't worry, there's more where that came from! Stay tuned for newbies all week!

September 11, 2015


Stripe To My Lou

These striped palazzo's are available in store only! Paired with any of our graphic tee's, booties and accessories -- You just can't say no. But, really... We won't let you. Just kitten. We will be open from 10:00am - 7:00pm on Saturday! Come shop with us if you're in Nash Vegas!
September 09, 2015


When Your Shoe Becomes Your Bestie

So. As it turns out. There actually IS a combat boot that will stay with you forever. Laugh at your jokes. Be your bestie. Everything anyone ever tried to tell you about your shoes... forget it. They've never known a love quite like this. Edgy. Rockin'. Basically perfection in a shoe >> WE'RE. IN. LOVE!

September 08, 2015


In Store Exclusive

That's right. We have an IN STORE ONLY exclusive Amuse Society denim jacket. The perfect blend of leather, acid wash, and sequins comes together to make the most envious jacket you'll ever wear. Take to the streets. Paint your nails black & put on a little Elle King for dramatic effect. Who else is stoked to see her play at Live On The Green Saturday night!?


September 04, 2015


Head Knocker

Can we have a moment of silence for our Thunderbird Tank and our new favorite heels! It's not everyday that a perfect duo comes together quite like this. Whether you're up for a night out on Broadway or you're boozing it up at Live On The Green... Heads will be turning. People will be asking, "Where. Oh where. Did you get your outfit from!?" Revv, but of course! *HAIRFLIP*


August 31, 2015


Dolce Vita Madness

Stop. We can't even. When Dolce Vita walks... literally walks into your life. You must have them. Safe to say that today's photoshoot was an absolute success. We are so excited to have launched our website to bring you the edgier side of life & fashion. Let the journey begin! *KNUCKLES*

| Pictured above: Port by Dolce Vita & For The Love Of Plaid Vest | 


July 16, 2015


Leopard Meets Edgy

There's a happy medium with leopard, right? Sometimes it's avoided like the plague when it's done wrong. In this case, we can't help but feel like it's done right. It's all about the accent colors and some leather texture. Down to the wallet and your accessories. Oh, and that sweet skull pictured that you're totally going to carry into the bar with you... BOMB! "No, man. It completes the whole look. The Revv girls said so."


Yeah, maybe don't take the skull with. But the rest is a GO!


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