October 31, 2016


Knock Knock, who's there?

Hey Babes! Sorry it has been a minute since we have been up to date with this! If you follow the store you know we've been up to some big things here in Nashville. In the last 3 months we moved our sister store The Rage's HQ to Nashville AND launch another brand called The NASH Collection (which has taken off like wildfire, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your love and support of that!). With that, our lives have been pretty busy! But, we're getting back to basics, aka back to blogging, adding to the website, etc. We are SO excited for what is to come with not only REVV but now that The Rage is in Nashville, and our new baby the Nash Collection is launched and running! So, cheers! and stay tuned, the best is yet to come!
XOXO // Laci, Ally, & The REVV Gals  
July 20, 2016


The Nash Collection

REVV is excited to announce our newest baby, The Nash Collection!
It is our own independent label of Nashville inspired hats, created and sold exclusively for us! Regular ball caps, snapbacks, and flat bills (coming soon) in different color combinations! These are perfect for games, reppin' your favorite schools, teams, or just hanging out. 
We are excited to continue to grow our company and add new and exciting elements like this one! Stay tuned for more exciting things to come with the The Nash Collection brand and follow our Instagram @TheNashCollection! 
Ps... you can order these on the website!
XOXO // Laci & Ally 
July 14, 2016


Brighter Than The Stars & The Bars On Broadway

Bryan Kent, have you heard of him? Get to listening if you haven't! He has that good ole southern boy sound that you country music lovers won't be able to get enough of. 
Our very own Laci was featured in his latest music video, "Tennessee Neon", as the main character along side Bryan, where she KILLED IT, per usual.
Check out some fun behind the scene pictures of our video shoot adventures, and stay tuned for the video release!
XOXO // Ally 


July 05, 2016


Brand Spotlight: The Laundry Room

Graphic T's... Who doesn't love them?!
Well, if you're like us here at REVV and have a collection of them so large that is takes up a chunk of your closet, then you need to check out one of our favorite brands...
The Laundry Room! 
We are so excited to be carrying this brand, and we know you guys are too! Since we've posted them, they are flying off of our tables! With their super soft feel, and witty sayings like "Mer-Made in the USA", "Unicorn Off Duty", or "Queen Of Beers" this Los Angeles brand is making quite its statement here in Nashville! Guarantee you will see someone walking down the street in one of these t-shirts if you haven't already (& when/if you do, there is a good chance it is one of us here from REVV... We all have an obsession with this brand). 
Check us out, check them out, you will want them all too, promise! 
XOXO // Ally 


June 28, 2016


Lovin' The Crew

Have fun getting to know us here at REVV!


Name: Laci

Sign: Scorpio 

Hometown: Mena, Arkansas

Favorite Vacay Spot: St. John 

Song On Repeat: Kings of Summer by Ayokay  

Most Used Emoji: Dancing Twin Besties

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Razor... I can't stand unshaven legs and bad breath. 

Favorite Place In Nash: Favorite place to eat is Kayne Prime... Favorite view is from the Pedestrian Bridge, I see it 3-4 times a week on my morning run!

Most Overused Word In Vocab: Literally  



Name: Ally 

Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Favorite Vacay Spot: Anywhere with a beach and a boat, I am a water baby! 

Song On Repeat: Saturday Night by Chris Lane (...or actually anything by Chris Lane) 

Most Used Emoji: Sunglass Smiley 

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island: Something to play music from, a hammock, and water toys (if I can have a boat, then that!) 

Favorite Place In Nash: Rooftop of Velocity (Best View EVER) 

Most Overused Word In Vocab: Whatevs 




Name: Delaney 

Sign: Gemini 

Hometown: Syracuse, New York

Favorite Vacay Spot: Costa Rica

Song On Repeat: Chainsaw by Nick Jonas

Most Used Emoji: Crying Laughing  

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island: Contacts, toothbrush, and bikini! (Practical)

Favorite Place In Nash: Frothy Monkey (because people watching is P R I M E)

Most Overused Word In Vocab: Literally  



Name: Aimee 


Vineland, New Jersey 

Favorite Vacay Spot:

Song On Repeat:
Carry Me by KYGO 

Most Used Emoji:
Dancing girl in red dress 

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island:
Tanning oil, wait all I really need is tanning oil... 

Favorite Place In Nash:
The dog park, and I don't even have a dog. 

Most Overused Word In Vocab:



Name: Daley (@daleykate13)

Sign: Scorpio 

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri 

Favorite Vacay Spot: Ambergris Caye, Belize

Song On Repeat: Gold by Kiiara

Most Used Emoji: Kissy Face

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island: My dog, tanning oil, and a lighter!

Favorite Place In Nash: Bar Taco

Most Overused Word In Vocab: Like

June 17, 2016


REVV Hits The Town

Wow, it has been a crazy and exciting month of June for us here at REVV so far. Laci and I have been out and about in Nashville with REVV and it has been AWESOME to say the least. From CMA Fest to community events in the town we call home <<aka Nash>>, these last two weeks have been great! Incase you don't follow us on social media (if you don't, you should! @shoprevv on all handles), here is a recap of the 'Adventures of Revv!' 
Despite the 100+ degree days, this whole week was a blast! Thanks to our CMBabes  Jennifer from SmithField, Savannah Keyes, and Carly Pearce for partnering with us throughout the week for their events or shows, y'all R O C K E D and looked fabulous doing it! 
Jennifer from SmithField looking B E A U T I F U L in REVV for the CMT Awards
Savannah Keyes at the City Of Hope Celebrity Softball Game with Brett Young (HEART EYES) reppin' BNA in her Aviate Brand hat
Carly Pearce (In REVV) and Josh Abbott band singing "Wasn't That Drunk" at CMA Fest
On top of the CMA Fest excitement, REVV was selected to represent some of Nashville's fashion at the global Day of Discovery hosted by the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Nashville. We loved showing everyone what REVV has to offer with our pop-up shop and getting to know some of the other local boutiques! 
Adventure awaits for us at REVV! Where will we be next? Stay tuned to find out! 
XOXO // Ally 
June 04, 2016


May 31, 2016


Up Next: CMA Fest feat. REVV

It is that time of year when you can't move on Broadway Thursday-Sunday and say you are going to avoid it like the plague, but somehow always end up there... Yeah, It's almost summer.
REVV is excited to announce that this year you will be able to see us up on the stage and around town during some of the upcoming festivities on Broadway.
No, unfortunately Laci and I won't be performing (wouldn't that be a sight), but you'll be able to see some of your favorite artists rockin' some of REVV's best! Lace and I will be there all week long, hanging out and giving all of you a play by play.
See all of the #RevvCMBabes through our social media all week long on SnapChat and Instagram!
XOXO // Ally 
May 16, 2016


X & Oh's!

Alright, give us all of the criss-cross! We are OBSESSED with this trend, but I mean, who isn't? 
Here are just a few reason why we love it...
You can easily dress this detail up or down. Like this bodysuit Delaney is rockin', wear it with your favorite high waisted flares during the day then when the night time rolls around, pair it with skinnies and some fierce shoes and you're ready for a night out.
We also love how flattering these lines are on just about every single person who tries it. The criss-cross detailing seriously looks good on EVERYONE.
Also, did we mention we love it because it adds a little spice to what normally would be a shirt just like every other one you own. It takes a blouse, crop top, bodysuit, t-shirt (whatever top you love insert here) to the next level. 
Luckily babes, we just got a ton of new product in, most of which involve this fab trend... you're welcome! 
XOXO // Ally 
May 08, 2016



Nothing makes us more happy than seeing you guys out and about rockin' our stuff! Check out a few of our favorite Nashville customers in their favorite REVV pieces. Also, don't forget to tag @shoprevv on your social media when you are wearing us, we love seeing how you style your favorite pieces! 
Kelsea Ballerini 
Living With Landyn
Native In Nashville
CanaanChristy Smith
Baylor Wilson
XOXO // Ally