January 15, 2017


What Do You Call These Things?

There is an office debacle that has taken place, and we need your opinions to settle the dispute!  Recently while asking someone to borrow a, as I like to say, "hair tie" -- I was corrected on the terminology. Apparently there are quite a few names that all of us here like to call these elastic objects. 

So far we have --
Hair bow
Hair tie
Pony tail holder
Hair band
Twist tie
Rubber band 

First of all, how in the world did the same object come to have so many different names? Wouldn't you think the tool used for the same purpose would have ONE universal name?

Any how, comment below what you and your circle of friends like to call the little twirp and we can settle this once and for all!

- xoxo

January 12, 2017


Rules Of The Gym World

Everyone should feel like they can go to the gym in peace right? One would think! But there is always... one... person... who has to ruin it for everyone! They just can't help themselves.

There should be some kind of 'Consideration Handbook' that everyone must read in order to join the gym. Here are a few things that MUST be in the book. 


If my headphones are in, that is me holding up a flashing neon sign saying that I want peace and quiet for every sweat filled squat that is about to go down.

Don't look at me. Don't talk to me. Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaid's said it best - "LOOK AWAY!" Same rule applies here. 


Ask yourself, "Did I sweat on this equipment enough to wipe it down?"

If you walk away leaving the outline of your entire body on the bench... The answer is yes.

For the love of God just wipe it down. Furthermore, even if you DIDN'T sweat enough to wipe it down. You just breathed all over that equipment. Ain't nobody got time to be inhaling all of your germs. 


Guys. If you're going to flirt with us, or ask us on a date...maybe wait until we are doing yoga, stretching, or something calm so we can actually focus on what's coming out of your mouth.

No girl will say yes to you while doing cardio. We're practically running for our lives. 

And from you. (depending on if you have a man-bun or not) ;) #manbunsforthewin


The whole talking on your phone thing has really escalated for some strange reason. I just don't understand this. Here's a tip, if you're able to talk to someone on the phone while you "work out," you're not working out. You're wasting your time... and my patience. At least dull it to a whisper. As much as I love hearing your juicy conversation, you'd definitely burn more calories OFF your phone, and upping the speed on the treadmill. Just saying. :)

As irrational as some of these things may seem to be, one thing can definitely be agreed on, show everyone around you the respect that you want, and need to concentrate. For a lot of us, the gym is our happy place. Where we go to decompress, de-stress, and work off the burrito we had for lunch. 

Happy working out, everyone! 

- xoxo

January 09, 2017


5 Things Everyone Hates About A First Date

So, of course every date is different right? Different personalities, and jokes. Different looks. Hopefully a different location (because who wants to have a first date at Jack Brown's 100 times... no one.)

While first dates are great and obviously necessary to find the "perfect" match.. there are, however, some parts of the process that are not so fun and actually cause a great deal of anxiety. We've found that ALL first dates, seem to have these things in common:

1. The Awkward Initial First Sentences:

Texting back and forth before the first date is no thang, right? You get to be quick witted. You have more time to think of a comeback and surprise them. I think we all find ourselves in this awkward jumble of mess that is our "first sentence." Which only makes you more nervous because you're now self conscious about how awkward you've just made things... 

2. Are They What You Pictured They Would Be?

Ok. Ok. Let's all be real for a minute. Tinder and Bumble are dominating the dating world. Blind dates and being set up by your friends just doesn't happen anymore! Generally, we all have a pretty good idea as to what we can expect our date to look like! Which, thank God, because had we all known beforehand who our friends were trying to set us up with... chances are we would have said no. Sorry friends, A + for effort. 

3. The Kind Of Food You're Eating: 

If this man decides to take you to anywhere that is pasta related... he is the devil himself and this just isn't going to work out.


But really! Who in their right mind wants to eat pasta in front of someone on the first date!? No one eats pasta in front of ANYONE until there's a ring on it and the vows are over. Then it's too late.... and well, they're stuck with your unattractive eating habits. Even salad. Salad can be tricky. If you don't attempt to cut up the leaves, you're bound to have salad dressing and particles slapped all over the sides of your face.

4. Who's Going To Get The Bill?

Believe it or not, some guys don't always get the bill. We also live in a more progressive society now where guys could expect that we want to pay. For that reason, this almost creates an awkward, "Do I reach for the check or should I excuse myself to the ladies room..?" #schmakward

5. The Departure:

Obviously, if both parties haven't seemed to enjoy their time together, it's pretty obvious how the departure is going to go. What causes even more anxiety, however, is if the date has seemed to go great on both ends. From point A being the table, and point B being the front door. A BILLION questions circulate through your mind as you're on your way out.

Do you wait for them to suggest that they'll text you later? Do you kiss? Do you hug? Do you drop verbal hints? Do you try and lock down when your next date will be?

Nonetheless, as anxiety-filled as anyone's first date can be, we all can't deny the magic and butterflies that ALSO come with it. It's all worth it in the end and can make for some seriously amazing stories in the future!

Cheers to all of our gals in the dating world and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

- xoxo

December 12, 2016


The Babe's Faves!

Here are a few of the Revv Babe's favorites in store right now!

Dare Ya Romper

Named after a song from our favorite gal, Carly Pearce (because this is so Carly), this romper is a crowd pleaser! "Dare Ya" not to fall in love with it. 

Dorothy Sweater

We love this sweater because it has a little flare to an ordinary simple grey sweater! The scalloped hemlines adds a great little touch of something different. Dress this up or down, it is a great staple to have in your wardrobe! 

Crossed Heart Sweater

Anything with a criss-cross detail, we are sold on it! This sweater has slits on the side and is the perfect weight to throw on under a leather jacket! Pair this with just about ANYTHING and it is great. We just can't seem to take this one off of us this season!

Chambray All Day Top

Everyone just needs a denim chambray top in their wardrobe! And this one is hands down one of our favorites! Made of super soft 100% Lyocell, it can be worn with literally just about anything!


Stay tuned for more uploads and more of our favorites to come! 

December 04, 2016


Have Yourself A Very Merry (REVV) Christmas!

Believe it or not, it is already December (4 days into December to be exact) which means the holidays are LITERALLY right around the corner! Gift giving and holiday shopping are among us, and we are here to help you out! Here is our top 3 gift items, which also happens to be some of some of our personal gifting favorites! Guess what... These are all also stoppable online AND in-store! 

JaxKelly Earrings

These one of a kind babes are each a little different! Every set has a pair of hand picked stones with all the shine in the world! These can dress up the most simple outfits or be worn every day. The perfect gift to give to someone special, or just as a go-to present! 

The Nash Collection Hats 

Started here in REVV, these hats are all the rage right now in NASHVILLE and beyond! Whether the gift is for a Nashville native, tourist, transplant, or for someone who just loves the city, these hats are never a bad idea! 

Vanessa Mooney Jewelry

Easy stocking stuffer or perfect for a gift as well! Vanessa Mooney NEVER disappoints and always delivers high quality and super cute jewelry. Layer them up or just wear them alone, everyone, and we mean EVERYONE who tries these one buys one (or all of them)!

Stay tuned for more of our holiday favorites! Happy Holidays, babes!



December 02, 2016


Meet Our Furry Friend, Trace!

Okay, I'll admit it, I almost took this little guy home with me last night. But come on... LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS?!

This is Trace. He was found as a little puppy on the side of Natchez Trace in Nashville (aka where his name comes from), and is now available for adoption from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue!

He is in need of a forever home and is the sweetest, most lovable little guy! He is so well behaved and his foster parents have done such a great job training him for his new life. Trace is about 1 year old and is a blue heeler mix. 

Let's find Trace and all of the other foster animals from Proverbs 12:10 a home this holiday season! 

For more info, visit their website at www.proverbs1210rescue.org and their Facebook page as well! 


XOXO // Ally 

December 01, 2016


Christmas In The Village

Live in Nashville? We hope so, because it's CHRISTMAS IN THE VILLAGE! All shops in Hillsboro Village are staying open late tonight! You must must must comes see us. You especially must come see us at Revv!

We've partnered with Proverbs 12:10. What's that mean? We'll have fur babies in our store for you to come love on, and if you fall in love, ADOPT! 

So, for real. Follow these directions:

1. After work, quickly run home and change into some comfy clothes. 
2. Drive to Hillsboro Village. 
3. Grab a coffee at Revelator. (next door to Revv)
4. Come to Revv. 
5. Shop. 
6. Love on the sweet baby animals. 
7. Fall in love with a pup, or kitten - and adopt! 
8. ....and everyone lived happily ever after. 

See you tonight from 5-8PM tonight in Hillsboro Village! 

Revv Address - 
1815 21st Ave. S. 
Nashville, TN 37212

November 17, 2016


Sweater Weather

Finally the temps are cooling off here in Nashville (for now at least), and that means one thing... SWEATERS! Here are some of our favorites in store here at REVV right now. 

The White Out Sweater 

We love this sweater because of this high neck trend we are seeing! It adds an edgy look to a classic sweater. 

The Tulip Sweater

What don't we love about this sweater?! The back detail adds a little fun to a staple piece! This sweater is super easy to dress up or dress down, another reason we love it!


Bittersweet Hi Low Tunic

This long line sweater tank is PERFECT for layering. We are loving this sweater tank tend, especially under our favorite leather or suede jacket. This style is perfect for a day to night look as well! Lace owns this and wears it with her leather jacket and a bolo, such a cute look! 

We love fall and are so happy it has FINALLY arrived here in Nash! Come in and shop all of these looks in store, and stay tuned babes... Good news! The website will be updated VERY soon!




November 10, 2016



So all of the new, fresh, fall fashions have been rolling in our door like CRAZY! WOO!

It's always a good day when we see a box come in of LUSH brand goodies, and this week we lucked out with a plethora of new things from them. Why do we love Lush?! For one, they have some of the SOFTEST tees we have ever put on, but besides that, we love the edgy flare Lush puts on classic pieces. Whether it's lace up or down detailing, a cutout, cold shoulder, or slits up the side, there is always some twist on the classic... aka why we love it! 

Check out some of our favorite new pieces from LUSH! We guarantee you will love them as much as we do! 


November 02, 2016


REVV Babe Spotlight: Savannah Keyes

Remember our #CMBabe Savannah Keyes, Nashville based singer/songwriter? Well, she has been up to quite a bit lately and doing it in some of her favorite REVV pieces! Check out what Savannah has been up to and why these pieces are some of her absolute favorites! 

Celebrity Guest Judge for Miss Teen USA Pageant 

Writers round at "The Country" in Nashville 

Route 91 Harvest Music Festival In Las Vegas