February 09, 2017


NASH Pop Up @ West Elm

You guys. 

We're so excited about this weekend. This Saturday, we're (The Nash Collection) is doing a POP UP SHOP (eeeekkkkk!) at West Elm, in Green Hills. We. Are. Stoked. 

1. It's supposed to be a GORG weekend here in Nashville. That actually might be a lie. There is a chance of rain. But, WHO CARES?! 

2. WHO doesn't love West Elm? I mean.... total heart eyes over here. No one had to twist my arm to work this event. The words "west" and "elm" is the direct path to my heart. You're a dude? You like West Elm? Let's get married. 

We have so many great re-stocks that we know you'll wanna see! As well as a couple of new color variations. 

What you need to remember:

  • West Elm
  • This Saturday
  • Green Hills | Nashville 
  • 12-4
  • Bring your boyfriend, mom, dad, girlfriend, sister, brother... whoever you want. Just bring them. 
  • Come. Hang. With. Us. 
February 06, 2017


Lady. Freaking. Gaga.

3 words. 

Lady. FREAKING. Gaga.

Holy smokes, girl. You killed it. I didn't just like the performance, I LOVED IT. I loved every single second.

I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as a Gaga fan. I have always felt like I liked her songs, but I wasn't like OVER THE TOP in love with her like I am other artists. She is definitely a performer. She was so present, and so on point with every move, note, facial expression. And was she on top of the dome? Or am I dreaming?My hands were literally sweating while I was watching. And my back. SWEATING. 

Go ahead, haters. Tear her down. But this is one site you won't find tearing her down. I KID YOU NOT, I was scrolling through social media earlier and someone LEGIT made a comment about her "muffin top." Excuse me, what? If that's a muffin top, someone PLEASE give me one. What I saw was nothing near a muffin top... and for real, if someone knows where to get a muffin top like that, please let me know. I'll gladly trade what I got going on for Lady Gaga's muffin. 

If I'm being super real, I even liked Beyonce's performance last year. But God forbid I admitted that I liked it. (insert bomb going off here) Everyone got so caught up in the illuminati, black pride side of things. But, as a caucasian 26 year old female, GIRL CAN MOVE. I loved her dancing, and that's all I cared about. My eyes were glued to her. I think it's our choice to let things like that offend us, and I'm choosing not to be offended. I could post a picture of a casserole, and someone would be offended. Seriously. 

Do you, Gaga. Do you, Bey. I got you. 

The Rage

February 02, 2017


Edgy With A Classic Twist

Keep your sweaters on point with one of our recent faves. Distressed hems along your sleeves and the base of your sweater make it edgy while also keeping a classic look!

Things that we would pair with this sweater:

  • Snake skin leggings
  • Distressed black skinnies, always with a knee slit -- "Can I get an Amen?"
  • A plaid blanket scarf
  • Bolo tie necklace
  • Any Dolce Vita's
  • Any pop of maroon whether it be a pair of skinnies, your favorite booties or a floppy hat!

If you're planning on coming down to Hillsboro Village today -- stop by and try on this precious sweater just to see for yourself! You'll never want to take it off!

- xoxo

January 30, 2017


Waffle Knit Obsession

Did anyone ever tell you that you would own a waffle knit that you loved more than waffles themselves?

Well, don't hold your breath... because that won't happen. Obviously nothing beats real waffles drizzled in chocolate syrup with strawberries. *salivating*

You're welcome.

BUT. What we can promise you -- is this will become your favorite button down top that wins every time! This incredibly soft tunic is something you'll never want to take off and helps you fight the cold coming our way this month!

The good news is, this cutie is available in-store AND online. If you don't believe us about how soft it is -- you'll just have to come see for yourself! *KISSES*

- xoxo

January 29, 2017


Behind The Scenes Happenings

We want all of our followers to feel included and just as much a part of the behind the scenes as we are! One of Laci's newest endeavors is a company called 'The Nash Collection!' I'm sure you've seen some of their stuff sneaking it's way into some of our outfit shots and Instagram stories!

The Nash Collection was inspired by, of course, our love for Nashville! So many locals and tourists are looking for ways to represent one of the hottest cities in the country --whether you're a transplant, new to the area or just passing through. The sleek/edgy every day look that our hats offer as an extra accessory are being spotted all over town!

Just yesterday we braved the frigid air to head downtown for a massive photoshoot with a few of our favorite gals! A few of these ladies that will be spotted from our photoshoot are: our very own Aimee (who you all know from Revv), Lacy Cavalier who has shot with us numerous times, and Bonnie McGoogan -- who just signed on as our intern over at Revv!

If you want to stay in the loop >> hop over to our insta @thenashcollection or shop our goodies at www.thenashcollection.com!

January 26, 2017


6 Beauty Trends For Summer '17

While Spring is just around the corner -- we couldn't help but wonder what some of the trends among hair, makeup and nails might be! Cosmopolitan always has the answers and delivers! We did some research for you to take the guess work out of the equation! We picked all of our top favorites beyond what is only acceptable on the runway -- to looks we feel we can actually use in our daily lives! Sometimes I watch these runway fashion shows, and I'm like.... "What?! That can't possibly be a thing." So again, we picked the more practical styles that'll be on trend this spring/summer. 

1. The Half Bun - The good news is... the half bun is here to stay. So if that was your go-to look for last Summer, you won't have to learn something new just yet!

2. Lowly Slung Ponytail/Braids - This look offers an 'effortless' appearance to make your outfits a little more casual without having to feel frumpy or sloppy! The braid has been around for a while now, but we're loving this "slouchier" braid.... if you will. :)

3. Soft Cat Eye - Something about a blended out cat eye is so fierce and soft at the same time! With a softer dramatic cat eye -- we see this look being more versatile instead of only sporting it on nights that you're going out, or have a hot date!

4. Party In The Back - Sometimes you want to feel like you mean business in the front with a party in the back. A little surprise for the haters when you walk away is always fun!

5. The Kitty Claw - It's socially acceptable for everyone to think that you're a Barista by day and 'Bat Woman' by night. Checkout the rose detail on those nails though...

6. Keep It Classy - a classic/bold red lip is always a yes with any Spring/Summer look especially paired with some soft beach waves!

Cheers babes!

- xoxo


January 23, 2017

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Almond Flour Italian/Parm Chicken

Hey guys! 

So, last night I hosted a little get together at my place for my mom's birthday. Twenty eight has never looked so good on someone. JK, Mom. I won't reveal your actual age.  Love you! 

I snagged a frozen lasagna and bread sticks from the frozen food section at Wolly World yesterday afternoon. (I'll admit it! I didn't have time to make all the from scratch!) I've been on this health kick lately, meaning I needed to opt out of the lasagna for myself. So, I strolled over to the chicken section and grabbed some packaged chicken breasts, and thought... "You know, I have some almond flour at home, and spices... I think I'll make some chicken parm!" I've learned to get creative. Otherwise, you're eating the same ole same ole every day. 

Here's a very unofficial/unprofessional version of what I did. I say that because, half the time I don't measure anything out. I'm a "taste and see what it needs" type of cook. So, bare with me.


Almond Flour Chicken Parmesan


Almond flour (2 cups) 
3 eggs (you could sub this for coconut oil)
4 chicken breasts
Garlic powder
Italian seasoning
Onion Powder
Tony's Creole Seasoning (only if you want! I like my plate to be pretty flavorful, so you can take this one of leave it!)

I actually don't even use parmesan cheese, buuuttt, I don't know what else to call the recipe. It tastes a whole lot like chicken parmesan.... just no parmesan! Call it what you want! 


Grab yourself two bowls, non-stick cooking spray, and an oven safe pan. Oh! And, preheat your oven to 350 degrees! :) 

Crack your 3 eggs, and mix them together. 

In your other bowl - mix almond flour, salt + pepper, italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, and tony's creole seasoning. You're probably wondering "How in the heck do I know how much of each seasoning to put in?" Honestly, I just get to shaking. I take into consideration if I was just backing the chicken by itself, how much would I use? That's how I gage it. I would say I give each seasoning 6-8 really good shakes. Keep in mind, this seasoning is going to be spread out over 4 chicken breasts. Mix. 

Dip each chicken breast in the egg mixture, and then dip each chicken breast in the almond flour mixture. Make sure each chicken breast is fully coated with almond flour. (Your hands are going to get pretty messy - be prepared!) 

Place the coated chicken breasts in an oven safe pan, or dish. Be sure to have sprayed it with non-stick cooking spray before placing the chicken in. Sprinkle a little more seasoning over the top, for good measure. :) 

Bake for 30-35 minutes. 


PS - I usually skip putting cheese on top, but you can do this if you want. I also like to heat up a little spaghetti sauce in the microwave, and then drizzle it on top! 

Again, that's a very unofficial/unprofessional version of my chicken parmesan. But, I'm not over here trying to be a food blogger - just sharing a healthy recipe from one gal to another! 

If you have any questions, or would like other healthy recipes - shoot me an email. lori@shoptherage.com

Lori - Rage Girl

January 23, 2017


The Nash Collection Just Got A Little Bit Bigger!

Welcome Bonnie to the NASH Fam!

This girl can light up a room the moment she walks in and her bubbly personality is contagious! I dare you to not be in a good mood when she is around (good luck because it is actually impossible!)

Bonnie recently graduated from University of Alabama and wanted to try something new, so now Nash is her new home, too! She is a self proclaimed "Nugget Enthusiast" and lover of Chick-Fil-A (But girl, aren't we all?!)

Bonnie, a recent Nashville transplant from South Carolina, will be joining The Nash Collection as our official intern. We could not be more excited to have her smiling face in the offices and know she is going to do fabulous things.

Welcome to the crazy, hat loving family Bon!

Ally and Laci
January 22, 2017


On That New New Music

One thing that is extremely hard for anyone to do -- picking a favorite band. Now, picking a favorite song. Forget abouttttt it.

We've asked everyone at both of our store/warehouse locations what their favorite bands were and here's what our gal pals had to say:


Forever and always my go-to band would have to be 'Lord Huron'. They have such a laid back and chill vibe that is almost untouchable. It's the entire album as a whole. There is no 'not so favorite song' that you will hear. Whether you're cooking, in the car road tripping, or just at work. They're a shoe that always fits.

Side note: When I met my husband -- one of the first things we did as a couple was attend the local 'Live On The Green' festival in downtown Nashville. Lord Huron was playing that night along with a TON of my other favorite bands. It was such a magical outdoor Summer experience that I will cherish forever.


Unfortunately is unable to decide on a favorite band, now or ever. She likes to toggle between, "Acoustic, classical, 90's female artists and at the moment stuck on Frank Sinatra/Billie Holiday... But, when in doubt, you can NEVER go wrong with Ryan Adams (I'm not talking about that 1989 Taylor Swift cover either!") 

Told you she was indecisive. 



Laci on the other hand -- has a handful of favies!

Her current favorite band is 'The Revivalists' who were introduced to her by a good friend! Our local Lightening 100 radio station actually plays them a lot! She says the best songs you should check out first are:

She also says, "If that should fail you -- Moon Taxi is always a YES!"


Ally hands down LOVES 'Future Thieves!' She actually has experience working with them in the past as their stylist and has remained good friends with them! She says they've released a new live album on Spotify and iTunes that you should definitely check out!



Delaney's obsession begins and ends with The 1975! They have a vibe that is unlike any other Alternative rock band!



She says, "Though these bands have been around for while, they never get old! First the Lumineers! My last dying wish would be to see them live in concert. As if they would be performing while I'm in my eighties -- but you get the point"

It's pretty safe to say she's obsessed.


Ok so -- Amy one upped all of us and managed to pick a favorite Artist AND a favorite band... all at the same time. Thanks for making us all look bad and indecisive, Amy.


We couldn't agree more that these guys are straight killin' the rock and roll game.



We hope that we've given you some new beats for the road or for your daily commute! Sometimes you've just gotta make a whole new playlist to mix things up!


- xoxo





January 19, 2017


Denim Is Forever

There's something to be said about babes in denim jackets! I think we can all agree that the 90's had some of the best, also some of the most questionable, styles. This would be one of the looks that will never fade!

Your denim jacket will:

  • never leave you
  • never tell you, you look fat
  • only gets better with age
  • will match with EVERYTHING

-- pinky promise,

- xoxo,


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