Rules Of The Gym World

Everyone should feel like they can go to the gym in peace right? One would think! But there is always... one... person... who has to ruin it for everyone! They just can't help themselves.

There should be some kind of 'Consideration Handbook' that everyone must read in order to join the gym. Here are a few things that MUST be in the book. 


If my headphones are in, that is me holding up a flashing neon sign saying that I want peace and quiet for every sweat filled squat that is about to go down.

Don't look at me. Don't talk to me. Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaid's said it best - "LOOK AWAY!" Same rule applies here. 


Ask yourself, "Did I sweat on this equipment enough to wipe it down?"

If you walk away leaving the outline of your entire body on the bench... The answer is yes.

For the love of God just wipe it down. Furthermore, even if you DIDN'T sweat enough to wipe it down. You just breathed all over that equipment. Ain't nobody got time to be inhaling all of your germs. 


Guys. If you're going to flirt with us, or ask us on a date...maybe wait until we are doing yoga, stretching, or something calm so we can actually focus on what's coming out of your mouth.

No girl will say yes to you while doing cardio. We're practically running for our lives. 

And from you. (depending on if you have a man-bun or not) ;) #manbunsforthewin


The whole talking on your phone thing has really escalated for some strange reason. I just don't understand this. Here's a tip, if you're able to talk to someone on the phone while you "work out," you're not working out. You're wasting your time... and my patience. At least dull it to a whisper. As much as I love hearing your juicy conversation, you'd definitely burn more calories OFF your phone, and upping the speed on the treadmill. Just saying. :)

As irrational as some of these things may seem to be, one thing can definitely be agreed on, show everyone around you the respect that you want, and need to concentrate. For a lot of us, the gym is our happy place. Where we go to decompress, de-stress, and work off the burrito we had for lunch. 

Happy working out, everyone! 

- xoxo

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