On That New New Music

One thing that is extremely hard for anyone to do -- picking a favorite band. Now, picking a favorite song. Forget abouttttt it.

We've asked everyone at both of our store/warehouse locations what their favorite bands were and here's what our gal pals had to say:


Forever and always my go-to band would have to be 'Lord Huron'. They have such a laid back and chill vibe that is almost untouchable. It's the entire album as a whole. There is no 'not so favorite song' that you will hear. Whether you're cooking, in the car road tripping, or just at work. They're a shoe that always fits.

Side note: When I met my husband -- one of the first things we did as a couple was attend the local 'Live On The Green' festival in downtown Nashville. Lord Huron was playing that night along with a TON of my other favorite bands. It was such a magical outdoor Summer experience that I will cherish forever.


Unfortunately is unable to decide on a favorite band, now or ever. She likes to toggle between, "Acoustic, classical, 90's female artists and at the moment stuck on Frank Sinatra/Billie Holiday... But, when in doubt, you can NEVER go wrong with Ryan Adams (I'm not talking about that 1989 Taylor Swift cover either!") 

Told you she was indecisive. 



Laci on the other hand -- has a handful of favies!

Her current favorite band is 'The Revivalists' who were introduced to her by a good friend! Our local Lightening 100 radio station actually plays them a lot! She says the best songs you should check out first are:

She also says, "If that should fail you -- Moon Taxi is always a YES!"


Ally hands down LOVES 'Future Thieves!' She actually has experience working with them in the past as their stylist and has remained good friends with them! She says they've released a new live album on Spotify and iTunes that you should definitely check out!



Delaney's obsession begins and ends with The 1975! They have a vibe that is unlike any other Alternative rock band!



She says, "Though these bands have been around for while, they never get old! First the Lumineers! My last dying wish would be to see them live in concert. As if they would be performing while I'm in my eighties -- but you get the point"

It's pretty safe to say she's obsessed.


Ok so -- Amy one upped all of us and managed to pick a favorite Artist AND a favorite band... all at the same time. Thanks for making us all look bad and indecisive, Amy.


We couldn't agree more that these guys are straight killin' the rock and roll game.



We hope that we've given you some new beats for the road or for your daily commute! Sometimes you've just gotta make a whole new playlist to mix things up!


- xoxo





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