NASH Pop Up @ West Elm

You guys. 

We're so excited about this weekend. This Saturday, we're (The Nash Collection) is doing a POP UP SHOP (eeeekkkkk!) at West Elm, in Green Hills. We. Are. Stoked. 

1. It's supposed to be a GORG weekend here in Nashville. That actually might be a lie. There is a chance of rain. But, WHO CARES?! 

2. WHO doesn't love West Elm? I mean.... total heart eyes over here. No one had to twist my arm to work this event. The words "west" and "elm" is the direct path to my heart. You're a dude? You like West Elm? Let's get married. 

We have so many great re-stocks that we know you'll wanna see! As well as a couple of new color variations. 

What you need to remember:

  • West Elm
  • This Saturday
  • Green Hills | Nashville 
  • 12-4
  • Bring your boyfriend, mom, dad, girlfriend, sister, brother... whoever you want. Just bring them. 
  • Come. Hang. With. Us. 

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