Lovin' The Crew

Have fun getting to know us here at REVV!


Name: Laci

Sign: Scorpio 

Hometown: Mena, Arkansas

Favorite Vacay Spot: St. John 

Song On Repeat: Kings of Summer by Ayokay  

Most Used Emoji: Dancing Twin Besties

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Razor... I can't stand unshaven legs and bad breath. 

Favorite Place In Nash: Favorite place to eat is Kayne Prime... Favorite view is from the Pedestrian Bridge, I see it 3-4 times a week on my morning run!

Most Overused Word In Vocab: Literally  



Name: Ally 

Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Favorite Vacay Spot: Anywhere with a beach and a boat, I am a water baby! 

Song On Repeat: Saturday Night by Chris Lane (...or actually anything by Chris Lane) 

Most Used Emoji: Sunglass Smiley 

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island: Something to play music from, a hammock, and water toys (if I can have a boat, then that!) 

Favorite Place In Nash: Rooftop of Velocity (Best View EVER) 

Most Overused Word In Vocab: Whatevs 




Name: Delaney 

Sign: Gemini 

Hometown: Syracuse, New York

Favorite Vacay Spot: Costa Rica

Song On Repeat: Chainsaw by Nick Jonas

Most Used Emoji: Crying Laughing  

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island: Contacts, toothbrush, and bikini! (Practical)

Favorite Place In Nash: Frothy Monkey (because people watching is P R I M E)

Most Overused Word In Vocab: Literally  



Name: Aimee 


Vineland, New Jersey 

Favorite Vacay Spot:

Song On Repeat:
Carry Me by KYGO 

Most Used Emoji:
Dancing girl in red dress 

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island:
Tanning oil, wait all I really need is tanning oil... 

Favorite Place In Nash:
The dog park, and I don't even have a dog. 

Most Overused Word In Vocab:



Name: Daley (@daleykate13)

Sign: Scorpio 

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri 

Favorite Vacay Spot: Ambergris Caye, Belize

Song On Repeat: Gold by Kiiara

Most Used Emoji: Kissy Face

If You Could Bring 3 Things On An Island: My dog, tanning oil, and a lighter!

Favorite Place In Nash: Bar Taco

Most Overused Word In Vocab: Like

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