Lady. Freaking. Gaga.

3 words. 

Lady. FREAKING. Gaga.

Holy smokes, girl. You killed it. I didn't just like the performance, I LOVED IT. I loved every single second.

I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as a Gaga fan. I have always felt like I liked her songs, but I wasn't like OVER THE TOP in love with her like I am other artists. She is definitely a performer. She was so present, and so on point with every move, note, facial expression. And was she on top of the dome? Or am I dreaming?My hands were literally sweating while I was watching. And my back. SWEATING. 

Go ahead, haters. Tear her down. But this is one site you won't find tearing her down. I KID YOU NOT, I was scrolling through social media earlier and someone LEGIT made a comment about her "muffin top." Excuse me, what? If that's a muffin top, someone PLEASE give me one. What I saw was nothing near a muffin top... and for real, if someone knows where to get a muffin top like that, please let me know. I'll gladly trade what I got going on for Lady Gaga's muffin. 

If I'm being super real, I even liked Beyonce's performance last year. But God forbid I admitted that I liked it. (insert bomb going off here) Everyone got so caught up in the illuminati, black pride side of things. But, as a caucasian 26 year old female, GIRL CAN MOVE. I loved her dancing, and that's all I cared about. My eyes were glued to her. I think it's our choice to let things like that offend us, and I'm choosing not to be offended. I could post a picture of a casserole, and someone would be offended. Seriously. 

Do you, Gaga. Do you, Bey. I got you. 

The Rage

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