Behind The Scenes Happenings

We want all of our followers to feel included and just as much a part of the behind the scenes as we are! One of Laci's newest endeavors is a company called 'The Nash Collection!' I'm sure you've seen some of their stuff sneaking it's way into some of our outfit shots and Instagram stories!

The Nash Collection was inspired by, of course, our love for Nashville! So many locals and tourists are looking for ways to represent one of the hottest cities in the country --whether you're a transplant, new to the area or just passing through. The sleek/edgy every day look that our hats offer as an extra accessory are being spotted all over town!

Just yesterday we braved the frigid air to head downtown for a massive photoshoot with a few of our favorite gals! A few of these ladies that will be spotted from our photoshoot are: our very own Aimee (who you all know from Revv), Lacy Cavalier who has shot with us numerous times, and Bonnie McGoogan -- who just signed on as our intern over at Revv!

If you want to stay in the loop >> hop over to our insta @thenashcollection or shop our goodies at!


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