A Short Story

Ok guys, let's have a moment of silence for these suede Thelma Shorts. (pause here) Cool, thanks. Now let's talk about how amazing this look is! To me there is nothing better than a piece I can mix and match. Let's face it, I am a struggling artist in Nashville not a Kardashian, so coming up with ideas on how to wear something multiple ways is my go to! 
Take the look above, for example. Our lovely Revv gal Aimee is rocking a look fit for a day browsing the village, or brunching before a Sunday afternoon at Dawg house (Don't act like ya'll don't know the drill)!! 
Then.. these shoes happened. With a few minor adjustments, such as these UNREAL Dolce Vita Sandals, her look is ready for a night out in Music City! The lace detail on the front of her shorts gives you the option to dress it up a bit. Keeping everything else simple, such as pairing a white tank like Aimee did keeps your options open for add on's. My go to is a statement necklace, or that crazy hair style you've been wanting to try at Dry House! Your choice... 
Short story is with a little creativity, one peice can go a long way!
(See what I did there? hehe)
-Lauren @ Team Revv

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