Well friends good news, now you don't have to go to LA to get your wings!
Yesterday Larissa and I took the streets of Nashville in search of a spot to shoot some new pics for the store, and we hit the jackpot with this one. 
Famous artist, known for her intricate wing paintings, Kelsey Montague, made a Nashville appearance this week where she worked her magic. 60 paint pens later, the two sets of beautifully crafted wings were formed.
<< Also our new favorite spot to shoot >>
Located in the heart of The Gulch, these wings can be seen from a far while driving down 11th Ave S, with locals and tourists alike lining the black wall for a pic...us included! 
It's sunny, get outside, head to the Gulch, and check this out, seriously it's incredible!
If nothing else it will make for a good Insta pic, am I right?!
XOXO // Ally 

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