Brunch So Hard

Eat. Sleep. Midtown. Repeat // Yeah, sounds about right for a typical Nashville weekend, am I right? After a night at Red Door and Rebar, Sunday calls for one thing... BRUNCH! Here are some of REVV's favorite spots to hit when you really just want something to hit the spot! 
You won't be heading to this place just on Wednesdays for 2 for 1 margs anymore, because yes, there are 2 for 1 drinks for brunch too! 
We might be biased because we can see them from our front door, but we promise you won't be disappointed. Then after you can come visit us at REVV ;) 
If you've never been here before, DO IT! Tavern honestly never disappoints, any time of the day. And just incase you didn't get enough of midtown the night before, you can head back down that way for this place.  
This place is just, hands down, quality food! From drinks, top notch food choices, and deserts, you won't be able to pick what you're going to feast on! 
Summer is right around the corner, which means beautiful weather and great people watching here in Nashville, so soak it all in at The Southern with their great outdoor patio and mimosas. 
These are just a few of our favorites, but check them out! Whether you are a local, transplant, or tourist, I think it's safe to say that we all can agree...
Nashville brunch will be something you long for every Sunday. 

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