Play Hard. Travel Often. Yes Please!

Not sure about y'all, but since living in Nashville every other conversation starts with "So, where are you from?". I don't know if its because I scream west coast girl or if it's because, chances are, the person I'm talking to ISN'T from Nashville originally either. I also guarantee you've seen people reppin' their city with one of these Aviate brand hats. We are loving everything from their catchy motto "Play Hard. Travel Often" (YES PLEASE!!!) to their tags that have fun facts about the city .... side note... according to the Nashville 'fun facts', the world famous "Goo Goo Clusters" actually stand for Grand Ole Opry... I learn something new every day thanks to these fab hats tags! 
With tons of different airport codes and colors available, these hats make for a fun souvenir from your fav city, or just a Sunday morning go-to when you wanna rock that day 2 hair. Whatever it may be, these are the new thing to have! 
Since my corner of the country is 'coming soon' to Aviate (which I will be purchasing a SEA one the second they're released) you can catch me running though Nash in my Black BNA trucker hat.  
Come on in to REVV, say whats up, and tell us where you're from when you pick up your Aviate hat! 
Ally // GM of REVV

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April 13, 2016

Save me a SEA one too! :*

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